INTEGRA; through its affiliation with JSLDesign Inc, provides full interior lighting design services for major renovations and new building projects. We work closely with you, your builder and electrical contractor to create dramatic and effective lighting systems that not only enhance the architectural details of your home but also provide a dynamic look.

Great interior lighting systems enhance your home in ways seldom considered. Each room is treated individually, with provisions made for ambient lighting, task lighting, feature lighting, and lighting controls. As an added feature, INTEGRA will even assist in the planning and layout of switch and control locations. By not leaving these crucial decisions to an ad-hoc location process, we ensure that you're home works as well as it looks.

While planning a major renovation or new building project, be sure to have a detailed interior lighting plan developed as it will continue to improve your home for years to come. Interior lighting is the most used appliance in your home and as such deserves to be properly designed and implemented. Don't be disappointed with the final look of your home; call INTEGRA for a custom interior lighting system.

Worry-Free Professional Service and Craftsmanship

Interior lighting design can be a real challenge. Given so many fixture types, lamp types, control options, and methods of installation, it is no wonder that good interior lighting is seldom considered in the design process of a new home. INTEGRA takes these headaches away. We can provide any new construction project with a full service interior lighting plan. INTEGRA will consult, design, and specify the lighting system and all of its components. If necessary, we can carry through with procurement and project-management of the installation. By staying involved throughout the entire project from conception to final installation, we are able to ensure that every component is installed to specification and properly lamped, aimed and controlled.

It is our level of commitment and the total quality management offered by INTEGRA that makes the difference. With our service model you can be confident: the system that was designed for you is the system that is installed for you. The results speak for themselves. Additional interior lighting services offered by INTEGRA include; lamp maintenance, custom fixture design & commissions, and scene generation for smart home systems.

Great interior lighting systems enhance your home in ways seldom considered.