Product and Service Innovations

LED Lamps

Conceived, designed, developed & introduced a revolutionary line of LED lamps. Always having been an early adopter, James Solecki saw a huge opportunity in the emerging LED lamp market and took it upon himself to develop a line of LED lamps designed to withstand the rigors of use in outdoor lighting systems. These unique, high performance LED lamps are now available across the USA and Canada from Illumicare Group Ltd.

Waterproof Tree Light

Collaborated and helped to design the industry's first IP68 rated (waterproof) tree mounted downlight along with a series of other professional quality fixtures that are available from Illumicare Group Ltd.

New ‘Moonlight’ Fixture

Conceived and collaborated in the development of the JEM Liter. This is an application specific fixture designed to be mounted high up into trees. The JEM Liter casts a soft "moonlight" effect down onto the landscape and has been designed to eliminate glare and light trespass.

Shoreline Lighting Assessment Program

Developed the Community Lighting Assessment Program and the Shoreline Lighting Assessment Program. This program, available to community groups, municipalities, rate payer associations, lake associations and others, is designed to provide a quantified description of the location and nature of light pollution sources in any given area. It can be used to identify problem areas or as a measurement tool, allowing for the first time the tracking of light pollution sources over time.

Warranty Program

Established an extensive and unique warranty program for all INTEGRA designed and installed services, a first in the Muskoka marketplace. This program offers our clients complete peace of mind that every component of their lighting system will function as designed.

Cottage Night Life - Education and Awareness Program

Developed, Produced and Presented the Information Program entitled "Cottage Night Life". This public presentation is available to any group or association who would like to learn more about light pollution, its negative environmental and ecological impacts and light pollution abatement techniques.

Unique Fixture Concept

Conceived and collaborated in the development of the "Goldeliter". This is the first 18 karat gold path light fixture in the world and it is available exclusively through INTEGRA Works. For those applications that require an extra special touch of elegance. The "Goldeliter" will not tarnish or corrode and is guaranteed for life.

Dark Sky Friendly Dock Fixture

Conceived and collaborated in the development of the INTEGRA Liter. This is a full cut off, dark sky friendly dock and deck fixture that still has no equal in the marketplace. It is now an integral part of the Artisan Series of fixtures produced by Nightscaping. It is a cast brass, flush mount fixture with a raw, naturally aged finish and is guaranteed for life.

Advisory Council

Appointed to the Nightscaping Advisory Council in 2002. This council was assembled to assist in guiding a major outdoor lighting manufacturer, Nightscaping, in the areas of product innovation, revision and improvement.