Since it's inception in 1998, INTEGRA has strived to protect the natural darkness of our night sky. Light pollution is one of the most insidious forms of environmental degradation. It creeps into our communities almost unnoticeably. As development increases, so too does the amount of artificial light. With little attention paid to fixture types and installation techniques almost every town and city in the world is emanating large amounts of light pollution.

Apart from obliterating our view of the stars, light pollution hampers our ability to see properly at night and causes unsightly, annoying glare and light trespass. The accumulation of light pollution results in a condition known as sky glow, something that is easily seen as a halo of light that hovers over every town and city. There have been a number of studies that have shown that light pollution is causing a significant detrimental effect on both wild life and human health.

Fortunately, it is possible to effectively light your night time environment while also eliminating light pollution. INTEGRA has specialized in providing it's clients with Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Systems. By using a systems based design approach, only specifying Full Cut Off fixtures, and installing all of the components with the final goal in mind, INTEGRA Works is able to create beautiful, extensive outdoor lighting systems that not only protect our precious night time environment but also greatly increase the beauty, safety and security of your property.

By utilizing primarily low voltage components, INTEGRA Works' outdoor lighting systems are also inherently efficient and safe. This combined with our commitment to install 100% LED whenever possible means that the efficiencies achieved are quickly passed on to the client in the form of lower electrical consumption levels and lessoned maintenance requirements. It is not uncommon to achieve a 75% or better reduction in the number of watts consumed, simply by using an INTEGRA lighting system. These efficiencies further add to the low environmental impact of a Dark Sky Friendly lighting system.

Dark Skies & INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting Systems

In addition to providing our clients with Dark Sky Friendly lighting systems, James Solecki and INTEGRA have developed and delivered the Outdoor Lighting Stewardship Program that sees James talking to lake associations, municipalities, service clubs, interest groups and rate payer associations. To date James Solecki has delivered over 25 such presentations comprised of an effective slide presentation and 20 minute speech outlining the issues surrounding light pollution and what can be done about it. James has addressed both local and international audiences of outdoor lighting professionals regarding the implementation of Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Systems. Here in Muskoka, INTEGRA was the recipient of the Muskoka Stewardship Award presented by the Muskoka Heritage Foundation for their efforts in promoting and maintaining the natural Dark Sky environment. Currently we are working with both public and private sector interests to develop and manage regulations and guidelines that would see future developments take responsibility for the types of outdoor lighting that can be installed.

If you would like more information on the issues surrounding light pollution or specifically Dark Skies, you are encouraged to look at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's web site at: Another great resource is the International Dark sky Association's web site located at

INTEGRA was the recipient of the Muskota Stewardship Award presented by the Muskota Heritage Foundation for their efforts in promoting and maintaining the natural Dark Sky environment.